Thursday, May 26, 2011

Checkup: 35w, 5d

I had a checkup today, and since Jake is working third shift right now (12AM-8AM) he went with. He is absolutely my hero. He's been absolutely amazing this entire pregnancy, and I can't ask for a more supportive and generous husband-to-be. He would do anything for us, and I know he's going to be an amazing daddy to this little boy. (:

The appointment went well, I'm measuring at 35cm which my OB says is spot-on, and his heart rate was 144. Unfortunately he's still entirely head up (which I knew judging by his head putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on my ribs for quite some time now.) and if he doesn't turn by my June 9th appointment, I'll have to get an ultrasound to determine if I'll have to have a c-section.

That possibility terrifies me. I wanted to have a natural vaginal birth, and very much hope this little man cooperates.

I'm also still tightly closed and not a tiny bit effaced. Something tells me that if he does turn, and I don't have to have a c-section, he'll be late.

I'm seriously sick of people saying "I bet you're ready to have him" or "man, you look like you're tired of being pregnant!" Trust me, I'm perfectly content with this little guy coming in his own time, when he's ready. I'm not even 36 weeks, let alone full term, I'm not about to hand him an eviction notice.

Tonight is my first night at the new house, and it's just me here tonight! It's amazing, I'm not even sleeping in my own bed (the movers came in and packed everything today, but didn't actually move us yet, so I'm sleeping on the sofa bed in the den) but I already feel at home here.

So, I plan to breast feed, but I know that doesn't work out for everyone, so when someone on my birth board posted a couple of codes to get a 48-pack of Similac ready-to-use 2oz bottles that, after shipping, typically cost around $50 for only $11, I jumped on that and bought a case. They were on our door step when we got to the new house today, apparently free 2-day shipping was part of the deal. What a steal! I figure if I don't use them I'll either Freecycle them or give them to Jake's sister Athena if she wants them; she's due a week after me.

Even though it's a holiday weekend, we have no significant plans besides picking up our itty bitty boxer puppy! I'm probably nuts for taking on a puppy and a newborn at the same time, but I'm quite confident that I can handle it. What do ou guys have planned for the holiday weekend?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nursery Progress. Dos.

This past weekend we spent some time getting the nursery together.  I assembled the crib with a little help from Jake and got my crib skirt, sheet, and breathable bumper (good lord that was a difficult little bugger to get installed!!) all put on it.
The crib and mattress were both shower gifts from Liam's wonderful Granny (Jake's mom.)

Jake (an expert at piecing together all things IKEA, I swear) assembled little man's "changing table" which is actually an IKEA Expedit bookcase with a changing pad attached to the top.  My plan was to buy as much versatile stuff for his nursery as possible so it's able to be used even after he's older

We also bought a yellow Lack side table from IKEA to go beside our glider/chair/recliner that I have yet to pick out.

That's it for now, but we'll be taking/posting more pics once it's completed!

Also, a bonus: belly pic!
35 Weeks on the nose...

The kitchen...wait for FINISHED!!!

So, I have been a terrible blogger and completely neglected updating for quite some time.  For that, I am sorry!  To make up for it, I'm sharing some photos of what we have accomplished in these last few weeks!

The kitchen finally has a new countertop, cooktop, oven, sink, and faucet!

 Cooktop: Nutid from IKEA, $599

Now we just have to replace that ugly almond colored hood.  First, we have to decide if we want to take out the cabinet above it and put in a microwave with vent system or just replace the current hood with a white one that would blend in better.  Thoughts?

Oven: Nutid from IKEA,  $299.  A steal that was marked down from $699 because they are discontinuing their 24" ovens.  (:

Just a reminder of the before with some afters to compare!  I am absolutely in love with it! 

We still have a small list of things left to do:
-Switch out hood
-Make roman shade for window above sink
-Purchase and install garbage disposal
-Make drum shade that matches roman shade, and swap out ceiling fan on dinette side of kitchen with drum shade.
-Touch up paint on cabinets (we still have yet to get around to that!)
-Replace dishwasher??

Now, let's look again at the cost of this mini-reno.

Budget breakdown:

Hardware: Drawer pulls:       5@ $4.27- 21.35
                 Knobs: 2-10 packs @ 21.54-43.08
                                   1-single @   2.92- 2.92
                Hinges:  4-10 packs @ 11.97-47.88
                                    1-single @  2.93- 2.93

                                             Total:   $118.16

Paint:  Kilz Oil-based Primer: 1 Gallon @ $15.98 (Barely used 1/4 of it)
Colorplace Semi-Gloss in White 1 Gall @  13.98 (Used about 1/2)

                                             Total:    $29.96

Sand Paper: Medium grit: 4 packs @ $ 2.97- $11.88
Power Sander:  Borrowed from my dad, so FREE!
Drill/ drill bits: Already owned
                                              Total:   $11.88

Nutid Oven: $299
Nutid Cooktop: $599
Countertop: Landlord purchased
Sink: Landlord purchased
Faucet: Landlord purchased
                                                  Total:    $898

                                           Grand Total:   $1,058 most of which was appliances.  Still, not a bad price!