Monday, May 23, 2011

The kitchen...wait for FINISHED!!!

So, I have been a terrible blogger and completely neglected updating for quite some time.  For that, I am sorry!  To make up for it, I'm sharing some photos of what we have accomplished in these last few weeks!

The kitchen finally has a new countertop, cooktop, oven, sink, and faucet!

 Cooktop: Nutid from IKEA, $599

Now we just have to replace that ugly almond colored hood.  First, we have to decide if we want to take out the cabinet above it and put in a microwave with vent system or just replace the current hood with a white one that would blend in better.  Thoughts?

Oven: Nutid from IKEA,  $299.  A steal that was marked down from $699 because they are discontinuing their 24" ovens.  (:

Just a reminder of the before with some afters to compare!  I am absolutely in love with it! 

We still have a small list of things left to do:
-Switch out hood
-Make roman shade for window above sink
-Purchase and install garbage disposal
-Make drum shade that matches roman shade, and swap out ceiling fan on dinette side of kitchen with drum shade.
-Touch up paint on cabinets (we still have yet to get around to that!)
-Replace dishwasher??

Now, let's look again at the cost of this mini-reno.

Budget breakdown:

Hardware: Drawer pulls:       5@ $4.27- 21.35
                 Knobs: 2-10 packs @ 21.54-43.08
                                   1-single @   2.92- 2.92
                Hinges:  4-10 packs @ 11.97-47.88
                                    1-single @  2.93- 2.93

                                             Total:   $118.16

Paint:  Kilz Oil-based Primer: 1 Gallon @ $15.98 (Barely used 1/4 of it)
Colorplace Semi-Gloss in White 1 Gall @  13.98 (Used about 1/2)

                                             Total:    $29.96

Sand Paper: Medium grit: 4 packs @ $ 2.97- $11.88
Power Sander:  Borrowed from my dad, so FREE!
Drill/ drill bits: Already owned
                                              Total:   $11.88

Nutid Oven: $299
Nutid Cooktop: $599
Countertop: Landlord purchased
Sink: Landlord purchased
Faucet: Landlord purchased
                                                  Total:    $898

                                           Grand Total:   $1,058 most of which was appliances.  Still, not a bad price!

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